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Every dollar helps spread the word.

Your contribution makes this campaign a success.  Every dollar helps reach more people and give them the message that together we can make government work for Rhode Island.

Even though the Lieutenant Governor of Rhode Island is not a position power and authority, a total of over $1.3 million was spent on the 2014 race by the seven candidates.  It’s impossible to know what promises were made by the candidates and what the donors were expecting in return, but a lot of money was involved in advertising, printing, postage, and phone banks.

The difference that $10 may make to promoting a well-connected candidate that will be spending a half-million dollars is negligible, but for Paul’s campaign, it will pay for the postage for 30 more postcards or pay for copying of nomination papers.

Please consider a contribution of any amount to help the campaign.  This button will process your credit card payment through PayPal.

If you prefer to donate by check, please contact the campaign and request instructions.  

Rhode Island campaign finance laws limit contributions to a maximum of $1000 per person.  Contributions must come directly from the individual and not from a business and are not tax deductible.



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