The Fuse is Lit!

Until this weekend my campaign staff and I had been preparing – building contact lists, creating press materials, developing a web presence, setting up paperwork with the state.

Over the weekend, we sent out announcements to our friends and supporters, asking them to forward the information to their own contact lists. Press releases went in email and snail mail to Rhode Island media with instructions to hold until 5pm Monday the 6th.

But now with the release of announcements, the veil is lifted and the world knows what we have been working on.

This is an interesting time.

Now is the one time that the press is most likely to cover the campaign. Now is the time when the other potential candidates will be deciding whether or not to compete. And now is the time when people are first hearing about my campaign, hopefully with a few extra positive words from you.

Please take the time to pass along word to your friends and encourage them to visit the website.


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